District Information

The cooperative is divided into nine districts with one member (director) serving per district on the nine-person board.  

District 1:  Townships of Aurora, Ford, Gilman, Pershing, Roosevelt, and Taft in Taylor County; and Colburn, Holcombe, and Ruby in Chippewa County.

District 2: Townships of Cleveland, Grover, Jump River, and Westboro in Taylor County; Hawkins, Lawrence, and Richland in Rusk County; and Kennan in Price County.

District 3: Townships of Grow, Marshall, and Willard in Rusk County; and McKinley in Taylor County.

District 4: Townships of Big Falls, Cedar Rapids, Dewey, Flambeau, Hubbard, South Fork, and True in Rusk County; Georgetown in Price County; and Winter in Sawyer County.

District 5: Townships of Atlanta, Big Bend, Grant, Murry, Stubbs, Thornapple, Washington, Wilkinson, and Wilson in Rusk County; and Doyle in Barron County.

District 6: Townships of Lenroot and Spider Lake in Sawyer County.

District 7: Townships of Couderay, Part of Hayward, Hunter, Ojibwa, and Radisson in Sawyer County.

District 8: Townships of Bass Lake and Part of Hayward in Sawyer County.

District 9: Township of Round Lake in Sawyer County.

Please see the above list of districts or see the district map on this page to determine which district you reside in.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 715-532-5524.



District 1 – 913

District 2 – 900

District 3 – 750

District 4 – 1,011

District 5 – 916

District 6 – 837

District 7 – 1,191

District 8 – 1,138

District 9 – 1,213 

Counts as of 1/16/2023




JREC's Board of Directors typically meet at the Ladysmith headquarters on the last Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m.  Directors also attend occasional regional and national meetings as well as educational seminars. 

What does a director do?  Directors are responsible for providing strategic direction and guidance to management; approving general policies, annual budgets, special contracts, capital credit allocations and retirements, rate schedules, and delegating authority to the General Manager/CEO to execute and carry out the daily activities of the cooperative.  You can read more on the director expectations by clicking on the button below.

Director Expectations

District Map