Conserving energy helps your wallet, and the planet

JREC's Load Management Program helps balance the demand for electricity with the ability to generate and economically purchase electricity. Dairyland Power Cooperative, our wholesale power provider, and its member cooperatives save money by delaying the need to construct additional power plants and reducing the need to purchase expensive power during periods of high demand. Load management is energy conservation at work. 

Extremely warm or cold weather also create an enormous amount of demand on the energy system, with the increase in air conditioner and furnace use. Load management is all about balancing supply and demand.  Read More on the new strategies and how they benefit the cooperative membership.

All members are encouraged to shift their electrical use or delay chores that require electricity during the hours of 7 to 11 am. and 5 to 8 p.m.  The cost of electricity on the wholesale market is projected to be highest during these hours.  Jump River Electric Cooperative thanks you for helping keep energy affordable.

How does load management work?

Load management can involve interrupting water heaters or air conditioners for short periods of time, and managing when irrigation pumps, electrical vehicle chargers, or grain drying systems run. Commercial and industrial facilities may use generators or simply reduce load for a special rate. There are numerous electric heating options available to JREC Members. 

JREC offers both a Water Heater and Dual Fuel load management program. The dual fuel program also allows Members to take advantage of lower cost electricity for home heating. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your current heating and/or air-conditioning systems (HVAC), we can help you save money when you join our Water Heater and Dual Fuel Programs.  You may also qualify for incentives/rebates. Find out more about our available rebates on our Energy Sense Rebate page.

  • Dual Fuel Program - To qualify for this program, your primary heat source must be electric. You must also have a back-up heating source such as LP or Fuel Oil furnace, or a heat storage source. All electric heat must be controlled. By entering into this program, you agree to allow JREC to control your heat during periods of peak demand. It is as these times you will rely on your back-up heating system(s). You'll find that electric heat is cost effective and an energy efficient heating option. Here are a few options.  You can find more information about the various electric heat options by clicking on the below links.

  • Water Heater Program offers rebates on water heaters and covers replacement parts and repairs.  You can read more on our Water Heater Program page.


Find out if your electric heat or water heater on the load management program is being controlled by clicking on the correct icon below.

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Load Management Program

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