Electric Vehicles (EV) are more popular than ever and EV ownership is increasing among members.  Below are menus with fact sheets and more information for your review. We have had numerous discussions among ourselves and with other electric cooperatives studying the trends of the EV market and the impact on our electric distribution grid. Currently, the demand for electricity during the late-night and early morning hours is minimal, and the cost of energy is at its lowest. We want to encourage EV owners to take advantage of low-cost energy during times that have the least impact on the electric grid. This has led us to develop an EV charging load management program that not only suits our members but aligns with the needs of the electric industry. If you have or are considering an EV, JREC encourages you to take advantage of this new EV charging opportunity. 

Not all electric cars are created equal.  HERE are the four main types of electric cars and some facts about each type.  coffee

Overview of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Is an Electric Vehicle right for you?

How long will an Electric Vehicle battery last?

How many miles can I go on a charge?

Myth vs. Facts


Join our EV load management program to help ensure grid reliability and reduce your charging cost. We have ZEFNET chargers for sale and offer a special off-peak rate for members who join the EV Program. EV's on this program are controlled each weekday from 1:30 - 9:30 p.m. Call 715-532-5524 for details and see if you qualify for a rebate.



JREC joins other co-ops in expanding the EV charging station infrastructure.  Charging stations are available 24/7-365, at the Ladysmith and Hayward offices.  A fee of $0.26 per kilowatt-hour is charged.  

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Charge EV, LLC, was created in 2020 by JREC and 31 other cooperatives across Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota to help promote electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Go to www.charge.coop for charger locations and other information regarding this EV charging network.