Do you want to take the stress out of due dates and late fees?  Now you can be taking charge of your electric bill with Jump River Electric Cooperative's Prepaid Metering Program.  It allows members to control when and how often they purchase electricity.

Prepaid metering is as simple as it sounds:  members pay for electricity before it is used, then use the electricity until the credit is depleted.  This program puts you in the driver's seat for purchasing electricity.  It's like filing your car or truck with gasoline.  You monitor the fuel level and decide when you should re-fill.  Adding money to your account allows you to "refuel".  You simply pay for your electricity before it is used.

You purchase electricity when it is convenient for you--anytime, anywhere.

  • Members must create a SmartHub account, if they do not already have one.
  • Meters are read daily and the previous day's usage is deducted from your available balance.
  • Members can access their account information by logging into SmartHub via their computer or mobile app every day.
  • Members receive low balance notifications via email, text, or both.
  • Prepaid metering accounts will still receive a monthly bill stated from JREC.
  • If your balance reaches zero, power is automatically disconnected until the account has at least a $50 credit.  Weather conditions will not postpone disconnection of service.
  • Member agrees to indemnify the Cooperative and hold it harmless from any claims, losses, expenses, damages, or causes of action, due to loss of energy services, or during the reconnection of service, as a result of participating in the Prepaid Metering program.

Qualifications for the Prepaid Metering Program are:

  • Only single-phase services,
  • Must have a SmartHub account set up,
  • Must sign the Application for Participation in Prepaid Program,
  • The agreement is for a minimum of one year to waive a security deposit,
  • Minimum of $50 starting balance, and
  • Must meet with a billing clerk to get enrolled.  You can call 715-532-5524 and ask for the billing department to schedule an appointment.