Safety Video For First Responders

When it comes to electricity, knowing what’s safe and unsafe can mean the difference between life and death—not just for the victims and onlookers at the scene, but for first responders as well. Your work is inherently dangerous and electric utility equipment can add additional dangers in some emergencies.

That’s why Jump River Electric Cooperative wants you to see a new first responder electrical safety video. We have great respect for your work as first responders and are also committed to your safety.

Produced by the non-profit Energy Education Council and their Safe Electricity® program, the video features a utility lineman who also spent years as a volunteer firefighter, along with a state trooper and a veteran fire chief.

It illustrates some of the kinds of electrical dangers first responders can encounter and includes real life emergencies caught on video. The 28-minute video can be viewed all at once or by chapter for viewing and training first

The five main topics include:

  • electric meters on homes and buildings
  • downed power lines
  • equipment in contact with overhead power lines
  • padmount transformers
  • power pole fires

In addition to detailing safe actions to take, it emphasizes the need to call the appropriate electric utility as soon as you are aware utility equipment is involved or may be an issue. Our line workers are part of the emergency response team and are there to help. That includes neutralizing dangers and keeping you and the public safe.

Please make sure you and your fellow first responders view this life-saving video and get to know your electric utility line workers. You are all members of a very important team!