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There are numerous electric heating and cooling options available to our Members as well as a DUAL FUEL program. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your current heating and/or air-conditioning systems (HVAC), we can help you reduce heating costs with our Dual Fuel Program.

Load management is all about balancing supply and demand. Read more on the new strategies and how they benefit the cooperative membership. Please remember that during the winter season, dual-fuel electric heat may be interrupted at any time due to peak demand loads.  However, your dual-fuel electric heat will not be interrupted for more than 12 hours in any 24 hour period. 


To qualify for this program, your primary heat source must be electric. You must also have a back-up heating source such as LP or Fuel Oil furnace, or a heat storage source. All electric heat must be controlled. By entering into this program, you agree to allow JREC to control your heat during periods of peak demand. It is at these times you will rely on your back-up heating system(s). You'll find that electric heat is an energy efficient heating option.

  • Electric Plenum Heaters, Electric Mini-boilers, Comfort Cove, and Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) are a few of your options.

    • The purchase of any of these products can be handled through JREC, your local contractor, or directly through the manufacturer. Contact JREC to find out if you qualify for any rebates.

  • The back-up heat (fossil fuel system) must be capable of heating the home or business during managed periods.

  • Loads are not managed on a daily basis; however, your back-up heat system needs to be sized to do just that in case Dairyland would ever control on a daily basis.

  • No uncontrolled electric heat is allowed – including plug-in space heaters.

PEAK ALERT NOTIFICATIONS are announced on the radio stations listed below, on JREC's Facebook page, and you can also check on the appropriate icon below to find out if you are currently being controlled.  n those cold winter days, a peak alert is likely to occur because the demand for electricity is at its highest, which means we all need to conserve energy use whenever possible.  The level of demand determines a large portion of our energy costs during this time.  Reducing or delaying your electrical usage during a peak alert helps lower this cost. Lessen your consumption on those coldest winter days or do your chores that require electricity before or after the peak alert times.  This helps on our wholesale power bill, and this savings is passed along to you.

  • Peak Alert messages will be broadcast on the following radio stations:  WOJB 88.9 FM, WRLS 92.3 FM, WECL 92.9 FM, WLDY 93.1 FM, WIAL I-94 FM, and WAXX 104.5 FM. 

  • The 2024 Summer Full Load Control Schedule will provide you with the control schedule based on the type of heat you have.

Find out if your electric heat or electric water heater is being controlled by clicking on the correct icon below.

load control.gif                        load control com.gif

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Save on Heating!

There are many different heating options, as stated above.  Read More

Program Details

This program is subject to change or discontinuation without notice.  There is a $3.50 per month fixed cost of delivery charge for the heat meter.  A Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) may also be charged along with the kilowatt-hour rate.  All heating rebates are subject to being on the load management program and are issued after installation of equipment.

Shifting Your Usage

The key to reducing the number of times your electric heat is interrupted, is to lessen your consumption between the hours of 5 to 10 p.m. on the warmest and coldest days.  This helps the cooperative save on our wholesale power bill, and this savings is passed along to you.

By making a few simple changes, such as turning off unneeded lighting, electronics, and appliances during these times; or shifting chores like operating the dishwasher or clothes washer to morning or late evening hours, when the demand for electricity is generally lower; and turning your thermostat up a few degrees in the summer or down in the winter, you can help us help you save a substantial amount of money on your power costs. 

On the warmest or coldest days, peak alert messages will be broadcast on the following stations:

WOJB 88.9 FM                                      WLDY 93.1 FM

WRLS 92.3 FM                                      WIAL I-94 FM

WECL 92.9 FM                                      WAXX 104.5 FM



Are you wondering if electric heat is the way to go? If so, refer to the below chart and find out why you should select electric heat as your primary heating source today!


Cost of Electricity vs. LP/Propane



Electric Cost per kWh



ETS: $.0738 cents

Dual Fuel: $.0865 cents

Efficiency Percentage of LP/Propane Furnace
















Example: $.0865/kWh of electric heat on dual fuel program compares to the member paying $1.64/gallon for LP/Propane gas if the furnace is operating at 70% efficiency. Effective as of 1/1/23..


Tomorrow's Home Foundation offers a Water Heater or Furnace Replace Program.  This program is designed to assist low-income elderly or disabled manufactured home owners who need a water heater or furnace replacement to their primary residence.  You can read more on this program and find an application below.