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Evergreen Everyone

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There are many ways to power a home, farm, or business through Evergreen.  In addition to supporting renewable energy, members can choose which opportunity is best for their lifestyle. Evergreen Everyone, Evergreen Everyday, Evergreen Everywhere, or Evergreen Everything are all options to select from.

Join the more than 100 members who have already signed up to purchase Evergreen--your energy choice for the future. The Evergreen program is your investment in a cleaner and greener world. Each block (50 cents/block) of power you purchase saves 1,300 pounds of coal annually, 2,449 lbs of CO2 avoided, 2,400 miles not driven, and 1/3 acre of trees planted. 



If you are interested in participating, please complete the Evergreen sign up form and mail to JREC, PO Box 99, Ladysmith, WI.