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The links below will help you in your quest for information on electrical safety, energy efficiency, or general energy related questions.

Touchstone Energy(R) Cooperatives - Energy Efficiency Program available at this link. Touchstone offers many resources that will help you evaluate your homes efficiency. Connect to the Touchstone Energy's Home Analysis Tool and go room by room to see where you can save energy and money. You can also find an Energy Saving Guide at this site.

Download.com - Freeware and Shareware can be found at this site.

Dairyland Power Cooperative - JREC's Wholesale Provider.

Dairyland Power Credit Union - Offers banking services to Jump River Electric members.

The following links will direct you to additional energy efficiency/ conservation resources.

Together We Save: www.togetherwesave.com

ENERGY STAR: www.energystar.gov

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy: www.eere.energy.gov

Energy Savers: www.energy.gov/energysaver/energy-saver

U.S. Department of Energy (tax credits, rebates, savings, weatherization): www.energy.gov

Energy Education Council: www.energyedcouncil.org

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy: www.aceee.org